Study of the relationships between COVID-19 cases, mortality, and recovery, associated diseases, and vitamins

Authors: Alice Barros Câmara orcid orcid  lattes lattes & Igor Augusto Brandão orcid orcid  lattes lattes





Some vitamins play a beneficial role in the immune system and certain diseases may be associated with an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and mortality. In this work, we found that countries with the highest number of cases and deaths by COVID-19 are the countries with the highest death rates from different types of cancer and multiple sclerosis. Besides, the relationship between cancer death rate and COVID-19 is not biased by the Life expectancy. We also found that vitamin A sufficiency can be related to the number of recovered from COVID-19 worldwide and the low solar incidence can be related to the number of cases and deaths by COVID-19. Our findings suggest a direct relationship between cancer, multiple sclerosis, and COVID-19. We also suggest that Vitamins D and A may play a protective role in COVID-19.



All supporting data and supplementary information are listed in the table below:

File typeFilenameActions
Dataset COVID19_cancer
Dataset COVID19_lifeExpectancy
Dataset COVID19_multipleSclerosis
Dataset COVID19_sunlight_vitaminA
Summary table 1
Summary table 2
Life expectancy graph with legend
Life expectancy graph (just image)
Graphical abstract

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